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An Employee Fitness Benefit
That Really Works!

300% higher employee participation rate than standard
gym memberships

4X increase in likelihood to achieve your fitness goals

62% average engagement rate 

You want to attract and retain healthy employees.

We help make that possible. Let our dedicated coaches and fitness programs energize your company.


VITALITY Personalized Training

Support your employees' 4-points of overall health & wellness 

Energy • Focus • Sleep • Stress

My Vitality Coach

An online training  experience as unique as you are!

Individual Dashboard


Personalized Goal Tracking


"This program got me motivated to exercise, it kept me accountable to my goals, and reminded me to make better food choices."

— Joan P.

"Whether I am home or traveling for work, I always feel like my Coach is by my side, pushing me to the next level, even if it's through text message."

— Astor Lawson

"Receiving the Vitality texts has been so helpful in my fitness and health journey. A healthy body is only one with a healthy mind."

— Madelyn Stringham

Patented technology learns your
needs, wants and goals 

Text messaging opens 2-way communication with your coach

1-to-1 coaching keeps you accountable to your goal

Book a complimentary discovery call today!

About Us

Located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA, once voted "happiest city in the country", Vitality Corporate Fitness embodies a culture of work hard, play hard. Our team knows how to have fun while balancing  their clients and family needs. Movement and communication are at the core of our company philosophy and we pride ourselves on a diverse and dynamic environment.

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